Man Drives 60 Miles Before Realizing He Has Forgotten His Misses At The Gas Station



A South American man had to face the wrath of his wife after forgetting her at the petrol station and only realizing after driving some 60 miles.

The man who The Telegraph identifies as Walter was on his way back to Argentina after vacationing with his family in Brazil.

He stopped at the gas station and after filling up his car went to the toilet but failed to realize that his wife Claudia was missing when he came back.

His wife who had been sleeping in the back seat when they stopped at the gas station went to get herself some cookies from the shop while the husband was in the toilet and found her family gone when she returned.

Their 14 year old son who was in the front seat playing games on his mobile phone failed to spot his missing mother as well.




According to reports, the forgetful husband drove some 60 miles before eventually realizing his wife was missing and then drove back.

Claudia tried to call her husband but could not get through because of lack of coverage. She asked  the employees at the petrol station for help who called the police and she was taken to the station until her husband returned.

The Telegraph quoted a traffic officer who said that the wife was extremely mad at her husband and expressed it by allegedly kicking the car.

He said:

“She was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realise,” said the officer. “There was no physical assault, but she was more upset when I saw the husband.”


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