How to not feel like crap when you get up in the morning

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Ever wondered why you feel so lousy when you drag yourself off the bed in the morning? Science has an answer!

Cristopher Winter M.D, who is an advisor for Men’s Health claims that your brain develops a specific schedule when you wake up at the same time everyday. It encourages the body to wake up at the specific time by releasing higher levels of hormones and increasing the temperature of the body. This makes you feel energized and alert when that time comes.

But if you choose to go back to sleep, it confuses the brain and body. The brain doesn’t know when to prep your body to wake up then, meaning it doesn’t get the usual hormone boost and as a result you end up feeling lousy and shit.

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“It becomes kind of like jet lag. You wake up feeling kind of groggy, like you have a dull headache, maybe a bit of nausea, and lethargy—you just don’t feel like doing anything.” – Dr. Winter

The best thing to do is to resist the urge of going back to sleep. But if the bed is too luring there is a small compromise you can make. You can sleep for an extra 20 minutes claims Dr. Winter. That amount of time won’t let you enter a deep sleep which means you’ll still be able to get up just as energized and rested as you did initially.

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He also recommends turning the lights on and opening up the curtains immediately after you rise as they tend to encourage your body to wakefulness.

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