This guy ended up conducting a very inappropriate job interview



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Job interviews can be a very awkward experience usually for the interviewee.

This redditor has confessed to making an hilarious mistake while conducting a job interview which made the whole thing very inappropriate and awkward.

He explains how his company were looking to hire couple of employees a week ago and he was assigned the task of interviewing the potential candidates.

The first applicant came 2 hours before his scheduled time so he had to scramble to gather the stuff needed for the interview. His boss had instructed him to take down notes on a clipboard but he couldn’t find one in such hurry so he grabbed a large note pad instead.

He explain how about halfway through the interview, the applicant began to act very funny. This was ‘strange’ because the interviewee was very professional up until he started taking notes on his notepad.

He describes his behaviour as ‘nervously laughing and looking around the room, not making eye contact’. Even weirder, he barely shook hands with him at the end of the interview.

His boss was eager to find out how the interview went since the applicant seemed perfect on paper. He was in middle of telling her about it when her eyes went wide and she started laughing while pointing at the stack of the notes he had in his hand.

Turned out, the notepad he was taking notes on had “Would you like to join me for dinner tonight, beautiful?” written on the backside. He had written it down two years ago when asking a girl out.

As embarrassing as it is for him, think of the poor guy who came in looking for a job and left thinking he’d been lured in to a date with a dude.

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