This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Copper Over A Big Mac

McDonalds’s is one of those fast food joints that can withstand any criticism thrown its way. People would still go and buy their food regardless of whatever disgusting and unpleasant news they see about McDonald’s online or get to know of it through word-of-mouth.

Another one of these “news” has currently caught a lot of attention. I don’t know how and why someone would come up with the idea of pouring molten copper over McDonald’s Big Mac! That’s right. Molten Copper!

Hard to believe? But that is exactly what happened. And what was even more astounding was the fact that the Big Mac gave absolutely no care in the world over what was being poured over it. Clearly, what was expected of the burger was to shrivel up in a matter of seconds and reduce to ashes.

In reality, the affected burger just ended up looking overcooked and that is all.  But I highly doubt this news too (the proprietary blend in their burgers could withstand molten metal) would stop the masses from rushing to McDonald’s in order to satisfy their cravings.

Watch it below:

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