The Bermuda Triangle Mystery May Have Finally Been Solved!


Source: Channel 5

The question that has bugged a lot of minds time and again might have finally been answered. The mystery of The Bermuda Triangle might have finally been solved. Scientists claim that they have discovered the truth behind several disappearances (planes, ships etc.) in The Bermuda Triangle.

The area known as the Bermuda Triangle stretches from the British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean to the Florida coast, to Puerto Rico. Enormous underwater craters upto half a mile and 150ft deep at the bottom of Barents Sea have been discovered. The explanation provided for these findings involve the participation of an organic compound called Methane.

The scientists believe that these underwater craters have been formed due to methane buildups off the coast of Norway. Now the question arises that how exactly methane finds its way over there. This question too has been answered by the concerned scientists. They state that the methane would have leaked from the natural gas deposits and created cavities which finally give way and burst.

Scientist Igor Yeltsov, the deputy head of the Trofimuk Institue, said last year:

“There is a version that the Bermuda Triangle is a consequence of gas hydrates reactions.

“They start to actively decompose with methane ice turning into gas. It happens in an avalanche-like way, like a nuclear reaction, producing huge amounts of gas.

“That makes the ocean heat up and ships sink in its waters mixed with a huge proportion of gas.”

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